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Animal Warning


Whether it be a cat sat upon your soft-top, dogs leaking up your wheels (well and cats too!), to mice nibbling your engine (donít leave your windows open as they might get inside), animals can cause problems.

Garage insideI park my car in a shared garage, underneath a block of flats. My car is the only soft-top in the garage (which will hold @26 cars). Consequently, bearing in mind the number of cats that local residents seem to have, mine is the pick-of-the-bunch for cat-leisure.  It is slept on and scented (errr... peed on!).  The car often reeks from the large amounts of spray up my wheels, bumpers and my soft-top roof.  Donít get me wrong I am a cat lover, but Pee on coverthis is unbearable.  I canít even touch the roof sometimes for the risk of touching that smell.  Tried cardboard, and a cover (they just pee all over it, its a health hazard see left for neighbourís cover), also sprays etc. Next is those ultrasonic things, I have just to fit it to the wall.  Hope it will work,  but not holding out too much hope.  Blimey-billy they seem to work, Ďcept the cat has thrown-up once or twice nicely beside it!

Another example is my fatherís old Mini Cooper S.  Fine for most of its life it was a fantastic motor vehicle. Unfortunately the local mice population (or maybe just one?) seemed to like the small hatchback as much as my dad, and decided to Ďfeatherí its nest in a variety of rubber, plastic, foam and strange recycled materials that festoon the engine bay of any mini. The mouse munched many things, the most worryingly was the spark plug leads.  The strange thing is he has two cats - one is very much a mouser!  Anyway, read the pdf document below for pictures of the damage.

Mini V Minnie.pdf

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